Hi! I’m Susan Moore, the Virtual BA Coach.

I’m on a mission to help remote Business Analyst teams become productive and successful.

Are you finding remote and hybrid work tricky? “Office-as-usual but online” isn’t effective and can prevent BA teams from being productive. Remote skills are the new normal. Is your team ready?

Are you having trouble:

  • on-boarding remote BAs?
  • creating remote policies for your remote/hybrid BA team?
  • knowing how to lead a fully remote or hybrid BA team?
  • keeping your BAs focused on meaningful work instead of getting lost in low value/high touch menial work?
  • having virtual meetings that get results?
  • adapting your Agile or other SDLC processes to incorporate remote and hybrid team members?
  • being overwhelmed with too many project requests that lack requirements, value to the organization or BOTH?

I’ve been a Business Analyst for more than 20 years and have led co-located, hybrid and remote teams. I understand the issues that remote and hybrid BAs experience. Now I’m using that experience to help BA and IT Leaders solve those problems for themselves and their companies.

I specialize in helping teams and companies bridge the gap between great ideas and what’s possible now and later. That can be done productively and REMOTELY.

I offer custom and hourly coaching packages. I speak on these topics and write about these topics on my blog. You can Subscribe to my newsletter. Or book a chat with me so I can learn more about your specific needs.