Hi! I’m Susan Moore. I’m on a mission to make product management teams more effective.

I specialize in helping organizations bridge the gap between great ideas and what’s possible now and later. I help teams focus on incorporating agile leadership into the entire product experience – from product management to business analysis and everything in between.

Stop me if you’ve heard these in your office lately:

  • No one knows where to send requests for work
  • There’s no single source for all the work we need to do
  • We just do the next project handed to us because no one knows what the priorities are (or will be)
  • There are always emergencies and last-minute changes added to our releases
  • Starting something new takes forever because we don’t know what we need to build
  • Our product workshops don’t get the outcomes we need
  • We’re not effective at collaborating when our product team is remote (or distributed)
  • We deliver what the customers asked for but it’s not what they wanted

I can help you.  I’ve spent more than 20 years helping teams and organizations do the right work at the right time with the right information.   Check out my blog. Subscribe to my newsletter. Or book a chat with me.

Need help that is tailored to your team and your work? I can help with that too. All my services are currently offered virtually and include an upfront assessment of your needs: 

  • Coaching –  I work 1-on-1 or with your team to help build skills and confidence in requirements management, design thinking and agile product management.
  • Facilitation – Does your product team need help with their live or remote facilitation skills? Or do you need the help of an expert facilitator? 
  • Workshops – I offer these virtual workshops that can be customized to your needs:
    • Effective Facilitation Skills for Remote and Live Audiences
    • Get Control of Your Work: Build and Manage Your IT Demand
    • Product Planning for Product Managers and Business Analysts