Virtual Team High Five: A COVID Friendly, Remote Technique!

I’m back with another remote meeting technique to add to your catalog (check out my last remote technique Take Five to Socialize: A Remote Technique!). It’s the Virtual Team High Five. Nothing says team spirit more than high fiving but social distance and plain ‘ol distance makes that impossible for remote teams these days. Read on for what a Virtual Team High Five is, how to do it and why it works!

What is a Virtual Team High Five?

Back in the “old days,” people would slap their hands together to celebrate, to greet each other or congratulate someone. Those days are behind us but we don’t have to give up high fiving! Just flatten your palm, stretch out your arm and give your camera a little tap. See below. Puppy cuteness is optional.

What’s the history?

A million years’ ago I had a boss who loved to give live team high fives. I thought it was dorky but it made me laugh every time he did it. “TEAM HIGH FIVE,” he would yell. One day years later I was on a web call. Excited about our team’s progress, I instinctively reached out to the camera and yelled “VIRTUAL TEAM HIGH FIVE!” I got a laugh and a few high fives back. Done-zo! Into the virtual facilitation bag ‘o’ tricks it went.

How do I start?

The key to virtual high fiving is sincerity, a willingness to be a bit of a goofball AND your cameras must be on. Find that moment in your meeting where the team is feeling good, having a virtual “moment” as it were, then reach out and tap the camera with your open palm. Don’t forget to yell “VIRTUAL TEAM HIGH FIVE” so folks don’t think you’re trying to swat a bug away or something.

Why does this technique work?

At its core, high fiving is a gesture of togetherness and positivity. It simulates a human touch and therefore conveys a physical connection with others. That’s what many of us need right now and it’s COVID-friendly.

But there’s also a physical energy to it – reaching out quickly to bop the camera – that can transcend the camera and flow to our colleagues, sending them good vibes and positive feelings. Plus it just makes people laugh which gets them to relax and have a little fun.

So the next time you’re looking to celebrate with the team, forget the stuffy “Thank you” email and give them a virtual team high five!

I’d love to know if you’ve incorporated this into your virtual meetings. How did it go? Let me know at!

Published by Susan Moore

Co-chair Charlotte Carolina Club - Carolina Club Ambassador - Former Chair Jacksonville (FL) Carolina Club - Former Carolina Alumni Admissions Program representative

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