Get Control of Your Project Portfolio: The Course

Get control of your IT work

Want a more in depth look at IT demand management? Check out my short online course Get Control of Your It Project Portfolio: An Introduction to Demand Management. Enter code DEMANDSEPT to take the course for FREE!

I’m passionate about making great things possible. That means great ideas, great teams, great teamwork, you name it! Great things can happen when organizations have smart, consistent processes in place. Too much work, poor quality work or work that doesn’t move the organization forward is a recipe for overwhelmed teams and under-performing IT organization.

Get control of your IT work

Earlier this year I published a 2-part series on a simple 4 phase demand management process. I’ve used that simple process over the years to help IT leaders get control of their work and have seen dramatic improvements each time. But I’m one person and there are a lot of IT organizations that need to hear about it.

I’ve been working hard this summer to finish an online course on this very topic that’s been a pet project for FIVE YEARS! Today, I have finally launched it! Get Control of Your Project Portfolio with Demand Management: An Introduction to Demand Management is live on Udemy starting today.

Interested in learning about this simple framework? For a limited time, you can take the course for FREE. Email The Virtual BA Coach for the code.

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