Getting SharePoint ready to use as an organization’s business process management platform can be complicated. Many companies setup the environments, install the software and let users take over. An unplanned, ungoverned SharePoint platform can set up the organization for failure. Trust me, I know.

This ebook dives into 9 lessons learned from my own experiences with SharePoint implementations and highlights key decisions that need to be made when standing up the system. This ebook includes a handy, prioritized checklist that will guide your through the “must do” tasks to ensure that your SharePoint implementation is a success.

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Social media has become a critical part of how universities and other non-profit organizations share their message with local chapters. Chapter leaders don’t need to be social media gurus but they do need an understanding of the basics of using these platforms to represent their university professionally. This ebook covers a number of social media topics that will be essential to running your social media for your chapter:

– Social media basics with recommendations for picking the best social media accounts for your community
– Who and what to administer on your social media accounts
– What kinds of content to post
– The essentials of sharing content (when, what and how)
– How to meet your social media communication goals when you don’t have a lot of time
– How to know that all your hard work is paying off using social media data and insights

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