Coaching the Remote Product Team

Managing a remote product team is much like managing one located in an office. The focus of your time should be focused on coaching on five key skills that will enhance their communication and collaboration. Coaching in these areas will make your product team not only better at remote work but better all around in their product work.

A Simple IT Demand Management Process

Why write an article about IT demand management on a blog about business analysts? Because the unique skills of the BA can make your demand management process successful. If a BA isn't currently performing a role in your demand management process or if you don't even have a demand management process this post is for you.

Five Guidelines for Effective Meetings

I believe the foundation of effective requirement meetings (or workshops) are a sound set of principles. These principles will guide you through when and why meetings should be called, who should attend and what outputs should come out of the meeting.  I've got 5 key principles I recommend for planning effective requirement meetings.

Our BA Journey Begins

This blog has been on my mind for awhile. I'm particularly passionate about requirements management and its importance for business analysts. See, I'm a big believer that business analysis is most successful when it has a purpose and leadership behind it. Too often I see projects that need requirements and business analysts are deployed to… Continue reading Our BA Journey Begins