Good Practices for Better Meetings

Meetings are expensive. Bad meetings kill morale and waste valuable time. Want to make your meetings better? Here are some things you can start doing today to make them better. Keep meetings short: End meetings on time: Similarly, ending on time or early makes for better meetings. Ending at the stated end time is aContinue reading “Good Practices for Better Meetings”

Take Five to Socialize: A Remote Technique!

Being remote means never having water cooler moments. The moments where you chat with your colleagues. I’ve coined a phrase -Take Five to Socialize – that describes how I build social moments into my virtual interactions with colleagues and customers. I’m not sure how that this qualifies as an actual technique but let me tell you about it!

Plan Your Best Meeting: When Your Participants Aren’t Ready to Work

It happens to us all. You’ve prepared for your workshop, sent out the pre-work and then your participants aren’t ready to work. It can sometimes be hard to get participants ready to work because they are usually the ones who are running the businesses we’re supporting. How much more can you really ask of them? Here are a few things I’ve tried over the years.

Plan Your Best Meeting: Identify the Right Participants

In the first post in this series Plan Your Best Meeting: Purpose and Agenda, we focused on the meeting purpose and tying it to your agenda. Next, we’ll identify the participants needed to help us achieve our meeting purpose. It’s like stakeholder analysis When we start a new project, we do stakeholder analysis to determineContinue reading “Plan Your Best Meeting: Identify the Right Participants”