Do you need a dynamic speaker, one who can use stories and interactions to help people understand the problem and the possible solutions? Do you need an expert, and someone who can connect with an audience and make people think? That’s me.

I’ve spoken with groups large and small for more than 15 years. I’ve spoken at a conference. I’ve led dozens of webinars. I’ve been interviewed for local media and by industry experts. I enjoy speaking. And the audiences I speak to enjoy what they learn and have a little fun while doing it.

I speak about a number of topics including:

We Can’t Hear You: Effective Practices for the Remote Analyst

Are you a remote business analyst or do you manage remote business analysts? Are you worried that a remote BA can’t be as effective as one in an office?  Whether you were remote before the pandemic or suddenly became remote after, you know that working from home is not the same as working from an office. And you may have experienced challenges with virtual communication and collaboration that left you feeling like you’ve been left out. You can learn practices that will keep you connected with your team so you can do your best work remotely.

In this talk, you’ll discover what “virtual presence” is and ways to improve it to help avoid errors in remote communication. You’ll learn about synchronous and asynchronous communication methods, when to use them and why online meetings should be used sparingly. You’ll experience techniques and learn some best practices that will improve your virtual facilitation and collaboration. And, let’s have a little fun and talk about adding some team spirit to your communication too!

Equipped with this information, you’ll analyze your remote work situation and create a plan for what practices you will stop, start, and keep doing to be an effective remote analyst.

Get Control of Your Project Portfolio: An Introduction to Demand Management

Are you having trouble managing your incoming software development work?

  • Do you have more projects than you can finish?
  • Do you have lots of emergencies?
  • Do you have multiple places where work is submitted, tracked and managed?
  • Do you have trouble determining what the priorities are?

Or, do you know that your IT work in-take processes could be better but don’t know where to start to fix them?

This talk can help you!

My experience over the years is that too many IT shops focus on delivering everything that comes in the door and not enough time helping their customers find and complete work that is the most valuable.

This talk introduces a simple 4-phase framework that improves the quality of the work coming into IT, eliminate work that doesn’t serve the organization and solves many of the delivery problems that plague IT departments.

The Business Analyst’s Role on COTS Projects

Listen to my interview on Laura Paton’s Voices of the Community podcast.