Six Soft Skills Every Remote Business Analyst Must Have

There are a core mix of skills that make those of us who choose this BA path successful. And I think it is more than just "communication, negotiation and listening." Instead there is another level of skills that make us successful in this strange, new remote world we find ourselves in.

Take Five to Socialize: A Remote Technique!

Being remote means never having water cooler moments. The moments where you chat with your colleagues. I've coined a phrase -Take Five to Socialize - that describes how I build social moments into my virtual interactions with colleagues and customers. I'm not sure how that this qualifies as an actual technique but let me tell you about it!

Dealing with Change Saturation

Change saturation is the point at which the amount of change exceeds the capacity for change. Product managers are uniquely positioned to identify early signs of it. Here are keys to helping your customers identify their saturation point and advocate for their needs.